Comments from our guests

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1.     Very nice place, the owner spend sometime explaining his project to me. I hope they grow and make some new ideas reality. From Juanzarazaga, Madrid, Spain, 2/5/2015.

2.     Cam on anh. I like this place. I like nature. So, i’ am so happy!! Watashi ha Tokyo ni sundeimasu. Mainichi shigoto ha isogashiishi. Shizen ha arimasen. Dacarakoso. Kono basho ha, watashi ni totte, totemo shiawasena basho desu. Mata kimasu!! I ‘ll be back!!” From Tyson Tanaka & Phạm Thị Xuân Dung – Tokyo Japan, 4 May 2015.

3.     Awesome place! Lovely honey! Natalia, London UK, 5/5/15.

4.     So nice and peaceful here. We wish we could stay here forever! Highly recommended! From Mikaela Rice, London, UK, 5/5/15.

5.     Hi, my name is Marc. I went to the bee farm. It was very fun. I saw some bees they were very friendly. The end. Nice one! From Marc, London, UK, 5/5/15.

6.     We loved your honey and amazing to see you handle the bees with care & freedom. Delicous drinks too! Thank you. From Daniel Simione + Naomi, London, UK, 5/5/2015.

7.     Con rất vui khi đến tham quan Bee Farm. Nước cam rất ngon, quả xoài rất ngon, còn có quả bầu rất to, còn có bánh quy rất ngon. Con cám ơn chú nhiều. From Ms. Tuyết Phương, Dương Đông, Phú Quốc.

8.     Very yummy honey! I hope to get more in the future! From Thorsten, Germany, 13/5/2015.

9.     I was cruising up to Bai Thom when i saw the sign for The BeeFarm + Ecological Resort. I met Dũng and sat down and had a good chat about state of the world including the devastation of the honey bee whilst sipping on a fresh passion fruit drink with raw honey. It was very refreshing, both the drink and the opportunity to meet someone like Dũng. They have worked hard to create a beautiful place that can help educate people. Long may it continue. My girlfriend will be very happy to sample the durian honey i take home. From Danny, Manchester, UK, 18/5/2015.

10. Passing by the bee farm and happy to see that. An organic bee farm exists on this beautiful island! Long life to you! Wonderful passion fruit juice with honey and lovely team!Merci! From Erik & Véronique, Paris, France.

11. A Real dreamland of Vietnam. With best wishes and love! From Richa Shyam, New Delhi, India, 21 May 2015.

12. Jerryのツアーで行きました。場所はちょっとわかりづらいかも。



13. 島の北側のジャングル地帯の中にあり、150箱の巣箱の中にイタリアン蜂と原産主のフーコック蜂が養蜂してある。蜂は静かにしていれば刺すことはないと説明を受け、蜂が飛ぶ中で蜂蜜入りコーヒーや紅茶を楽しむことが出来る。また、蜂蜜を卸価格で購入できるのも魅力だ。

“Most surprising place we visited on Phu Quoc”
Đã đánh giá vào 4 ngày trước
Don't go for the cafe, go to learn about bees and see a bunch of people making a small difference in the education of their fellow Vietnamese. This place is really about education - local education - but you can enjoy it too! It's run by amazingly enthusiastic, positive and gentle folks who will rejuvenate your faith in humanity. Okay, so our expectations were low - I mean, a bee farm isn't usually something you seek out - but we are so, so glad we were convinced to visit. It warmed our hearts. We also enjoyed their honey, and would likely not have had the courage to let bees land on our fingers until doing so during this visit.
Đã đến thăm Tháng 10 2016

“Peaceful, Soulful and Sustainable! ”
Đã đánh giá vào 1 tuần trước  qua di động
You really don't want to miss this place if you are here in the island! 
The staff is very friendly and it's a very pleasant and peaceful place. More than just a farm tour this place really wants to inspire people to help save the bees and take care of our planet! 
The honey is super super good! I couldn't have enough of it and the drinks they serve are also really good.
The passion behind this project is contagious and they really put all their heart in making this world a better place. 
I got the chance to meet the whole team and I can say that they are truly committed to the preservation of the planet and our pollinator friends.
Not to be mistaken by another bee farm in the island, this is actually the first one and it shares far more than just good honey with the customers. 

Đã đến thăm Tháng 11 2016

“Such a peaceful place!”

We really enjoyed our time at the bee farm. It was very informative to learn about the process of honey and other products! It was explained really well and the drinks we ordered were very tasty! The honey is amazing! We ended up buying a few bottles to bring back to England! A must to visit when in Phu Quoc!
Đã đến thăm Tháng 10 2016

“Awesome! ”

Đã đánh giá 8 tháng mười, 2016  qua di động
Worth the little detour from the main road! Had wonderful drinks and such a great talk about the importance of bees. Also, the bamboo straw project is a great initiative to lessen the plastic waste-pile on the island. Highly recommended for a stop-by and a drink. Btw, we saw lots of bees.
Đã đến thăm Tháng 10 2016


  1. Being a nature loving family, our visit was made even better by Mr Anh (CoFounder/Owner) who passionately shared with us his knowledge about the bees and its impact ecologically. It was an interesting topic, guaranteed not to fall asleep!
    We tried the many variety of refreshing drinks mixed with raw honey, its simply delicious. My personal favourite is the coconut juice with honey.
    If you love honey, you got to love the bees, and the passion of Mr Anh will surely pollinate your inspiration!
    He has a lovely manicured soft grass patch leading in. You are welcome to walk on it barefooted, it gives a comforting feel on your sole (and soul!)
    Nice to have met you Anh, and thank you for sharing your lovely passion.
    Davis Foo & family, Singapore (16 Dec 2015)

  2. Dear Davis Foo & Family,

    Thank you very much for taking the time to write comment for us. We hope that you and your family happy and healthy everyday with nature.

    Phu Quoc Bee Farm

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